LU Alumni Foundation

(Celebrating 100 years of Excellence)

Our Vision

The University of Lucknow Alumni Foundation aims at creating a pool of human resources that has been a part of the University. This resource is expected to keep the University moving in forward direction by creating a knowledge resource as well as providing financial support in its endeavours.

Our Mission

To reinforce the bond between the university and alumni through joint participation and cooperation in activities such as educational, cultural charitable, social, athletic and other activities which further the interests of the University of Lucknow

Our Membership

Lucknow University Alumni Association has three types of Membership.

Fund Raising

All fund raising activities to be undertaken at the University of Lucknow will require the endorsement of the relavent Head of the Department,Dean, and the Vice Chancellor. The Alumni Foundation will provide advice as necessary.

  • Suggested names of all people to be associated with the campaign.
  • An indiacation of prospective donors and reasons for choosing them.
  • Draft materials eg. campaign case statement.
  • Details of any rights proposed to be offered as recognition to prospective donors.
  • All others benfits proposed to be offered as recognition to prospective donors.
  • Campaign timeliness.
  • An outline of resource and budgetary requirements for the project to be funded.
  • All drafts proposals of donations shall be approved by the governing before acceptance of the donation.

University Of Lucknow or Lucknow University (LU) is a government owned Indian research university based in Lucknow. LU's old campus is located at Badshah Nagar, University Road area of the city with a new campus at Jankipuram.

Founded in 1920, LU is one of the oldest government owned institutions of Indian higher education.

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